Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In the Beginning...

This is the first blog I have ever posted. I honestly never thought I would jump on this bandwagon, but hello, it's time. Time for Press Milla to be created. Actually, Press Milla has been in the works for quite sometime. Perhaps I should explain what a Press Milla is exactly.

The following story is an explanation of how the name of my shop became "Press Milla."

My husband grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and most of his family is from that area as well. When Bruce's grandfather was a young boy, he wanted to make a handmade gift for his mother for Christmas. Since he was a creative individual, he decided to press a Miller Moth between the pages of a book. After it was dried, he framed it and gave it to his mother on Christmas day. When she opened it she burst into tears, and believed it to be the most thoughtful, creative, and one of a kind gift she had ever received. With the slight southern drawl of Arkansas, the word "Miller" was pronounced "Milla" and the past tense word for "pressed" became "press." From that day on, a "Press Milla" became a unique gift given from the heart. Perhaps you'll think of Press Milla when you are looking for a special something, for a special someone.

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